About Us
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GoBeyond born in 2003 developing luxury projects, such as homes, buildings and retail stores around Europe .


Collaborating with renowned developments such as la Finca , one of the most luxury developments in Europe, with unique  homes  above the 10 M of €


Working by the hand with one of the most important architects like Norman Foster in the Apple, Armani, Channel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Hugo Boss.


Go Beyond arrives to Mexico in 2015 and with disruptive projects such as Arthouse and Boho is were the business model of the company starts to take place.


The needs of the market and the expertise of the group on creating values, takes GoBeyond to the actual model, were we join: disruptive projects, social responsability , value creation and return of investment.



 A profitable investment is just the result of a project that creates value in the society .

How do we create value in GoBeyond?

Changing the lifes of the people, doing smart investments, dividing the risk and multiplying value. Like this, we change the lives of millions of people.

The People of GOBEYOND

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Samira Magallanes
Juan Candel

CEO & Co Founder

Nuri Muñoz


Investment Consultant & creative Expert

Cyndi Padrón
Project Manager
Cesár López 
Investment Consultant
Karen Arias
PR and Sales
Cristopher Sanguino
Chief Executive
Liliana Chooc
Architect and Design
Guardian Dog