Become an exclusive partner of the first tokenized hotel in Tulum.

BOHO Nomad, a unique and innovative concept in the world. Start investing in tokens and own a hotel.

Only 75 Tokens available

Rate of return 10% to 14%

What is Gobeyond?

With more than 15 years of experience developing disruptive and innovative Real Estate projects in Europe and Mexico, Gobeyond is a company that use a real estate investment platform, where for each contribution you can obtain great profits.

How you earn?

Obtain high returns on a fixed term as a partner in our real estate developments, receive dividends year after year and for life. We have different investment projects in which you can participate.

The advantages of investing in Gobeyond

Democratizing investments

We have managed to reduce the minimum amount of our investment projects to anyone can invest in impact developments, generating attractive profits for all who participate.

High returns

Forget about the old investment models and their low rates of return, start investing with Gobeyond, and get the best rates of return.

Trusted investments

Rest assured that all our investment projects are backed through land or trusts, therefore, your money will always be safe.

Global partners

We generate relationships with the best business partners to offer excellent projects and investment opportunities, working hand in hand with MountX, being regulated and supervised by the SEC in the U.S.

Investing in tokens, the new era of investments

By our agile document management, simplification in the investment process and the use of secure technologies, we can offer you the best developments to invest in Real Estate.

We apply Blockchain technology

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Investment opportunities

Safe investments applying Blockchain technology, we fragment our projects into equal pieces, and we sell them as digital assets called Tokens.

BOHO nomad

Tulum Quintana Roo.

The first tokenized real estate investment project located in Tulum, one of the most desired destinations by foreign and local tourists.

Available tokens - Only 75

Cost of participation - $20,000 USD

Rate of return - 10% to 14%

How is the process?

1.- Consult: find out about our investment opportunities.

2.- Sign up: if you have been interested in any of our opportunities





3.- Complete your profile and upload your documentation: the platform will guide you step by step through all the requirements to fill out.


4.- Wait for your approval: our team of specialists confirms that all users have provided truthful information and documentation.


5.- Sign your contract.


6.- Start investing: within our portfolio, select the project that interested you.



Marble Surface

Our projects

We make projects as solid as the bricks that lift them!

We have a wide portfolio of real estate developments that give us a guarantee, this experience has helped us to be prepared and be competitive by creating disruptive, unique and innovative projects within this market.

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“Me parece una excelente manera de invertir, me apoyaron con todas las dudas que tenia y estoy muy satisfecho con mi inversión.”

—  Raúl Delgado

Start to invest

You can get high fixed-term returns, be a partner in our real estate developments and enjoy the advantages and benefits of owning a hotel in the best tourist area in Mexico, Tulum.